Pain, sickness and death

Over the past year and a half I have faced a lot of health issues. I remember being in so much pain during Ramadan last year that I was praying that Allah would take me.
When we face health issues we realize how fragile our bodies are. I remember when I almost died giving birth to my twins. I remember the look on my doctor’s face of utter fear. I had never seen him look like that. That scared me more than the situation. And of course all the chaos around me was making me a little crazy inside. But I just said Shahada again and again and left it up to Allah.
Even though we all don’t want sickness and death it’s something we all will have to face.. either one or both.
#Pain #cleanses you of your #sins. I always remember this when I am in pain. That this will save me from Hellfire. As for #death, death is #Qadr of #Allah. It comes when He appoints.. not us. I figure I will go when I am no longer useful here and He wants to take me away.
As hard as #sickness maybe it’s something we can show our strength and triumph in. Others can be inspired and want to carry on by sometimes seeing you carry on when you are struggling. So always grow and also learn from your pain because every pain is a test. And appreciate it when you are well because you never know if and when that will be taken from you.

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