How can you agrue with a cult?

How do you agrue with a #cult? Guess you can’t.. Because no matter what you say. You won’t convince them. I have been going to Bible Studies at #InternationalChristianChurch. They are really a cult. They excommunicate people who sin and don’t repent. They warn the members and if the members do not repent then they are asked to leave to church and all members are told to ignore them. They also believe that they cannot yoke with or date or marry non members of the church.. that includes other Christians.
I told the church tonight it is wrong for them to believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong.To be at odds with the rest of the Christian community is ridiculous. And that only God can judge. And that what I always knew when I was a  Christian was that grace is something the chuch always gives like God till the day we die. The doors of the church are always open for everyone. No matter how much someone sins they can always walk into a church and be welcomed with open arms.. that’s the whole concept of Christanity.. love and forgiveness. And they are going against that by judging people and having them kicked out their congegrations.

If I gained the world but lost my soul


If I gained the world but lost my soul,
My life would be be so out of of control,
Maybe wordly treasures I would have much,
But without You Lord I would be so out of touch,
I would be like a sailor lost at sea,
A prisoner stuck in a prison waiting to be set free,
For only God can truly be my true treasure,
And His #guidance is a reward I cannot measure,
So free me from this bond,
And led me to the One who I am so fond,

Domestic Violence Through The Eyes Of An 11 Year Old


Domestic violence through the eyes of an 11 year old who lives with the abuser :
“Daddy hits you mommy because you make him mad. He doesn’t mean to hit you. You just cause trouble mommy. He doesn’t hit “Aunty” (the babysitter). She doesn’t cause trouble. You caused trouble. He punchs me. But he doesn’t mean to. I make him mad sometimes. He has to teach me a lesson. “

Don’t make me regret you


Don’t make me regret you,
Don’t ruin the memories we had,
Don’t take the good times we had and turn them into something sad,
Don’t make me look back one day
and wish that you never came my way,
Don’t spoil the my image of you,
By making me think that all I once thought is untrue,
For with each step you take,
You leave an impression that you can’t break,
So don’t destroy this picture you have painted that I love so much,
Because I would like to think well of you even when we are not in touch,

My conversion story

Many people ask me my conversion story so I figured I would write it again. One thing I want to make clear in writing this is I don’t credit my conversion to my marriage especially because I left the Deen once due to fitna caused by abuse from my marriage and the community I was introduced to through my ex. But here is the story of my conversion.
I knew nothing about Islam when I lived in Florida or Muslim countries for that matter. Very few Muslims were in my town at the time and I knew just a few. And I was an evangelical Christian and I thought.. well, I thought what most evangelical Christians thought about Muslims.
I was in a Christian chat room one day. That’s where I met my ex (my husband). Funny place to find a Muslim right. Well, when one is looking for an American to marry where else is not a better place to look. But being niave I kind of fell for it. Anyways we talked. And I ended up in a relationship with this man and ended up traveling back and forth to New York and eventually moving to New York to marry him.
Anyways out of respect for his religion and culture I wore hijab and ate Halal food since the beginning of our marriage. But since I was told I couldn’t have children I told him I wouldn’t convert.Plus I loved my religion. I was a devout Christian. He could be Muslim. And I would stay Christian. It kind of fascinated me though that he had memorized this whole book (he is a Hafiz). And I used to love it when he would say Allah is Allah I dont know it had a certain ring to it. But I knew nothing about the religion.
So as our relationship progressed I wanted to get to know him and his culture more. We had major language barriers. So I figured what a better place than a mosque. So I started going to the mosque every week just to learn.
At the mosque I sat with the women and the children. It was a VERY conservative Pakistani-Afghan mosque. It was surrounded by a tight knit Afghan community. People were very poor in this neighborhood but very religious. Children spent hours at the mosque memorizing Surahs and learning lessons on Islam. I fell in love with the children. And they loved teaching me. They patiently taught me Surahs excitedly taking turns memorizing Ayah after Ayah. And I found a best friend in an American convert who I later took Shahada with who held lessons at the mosque.
I credit my conversion to those children who showed me Islam through the eyes of children. Who some had very little but they had each other, the mosque, their community, families and Allah.
After I converted I became pregnant a few months later which I was told was a miracle caused by my conversion.. who knows. I later had twins.. indeed another miracle. My daughter’s first word was Allah.
My path through Islam has been a rocky one. I have left several times. I have been very religious at times and less at others. But I find I am happiest at the middle.
The best advice I can give to people in dealing with converts is don’t give them too much headaches. Try to make them feel welcome. They may not speak your language or be from your country but they are one of you. And last but not least brothers don’t use these sisters for immigration or abuse them because you consider them weak because you will be surprised how strong they may turn out to be.

Welcome To My Ummah


Welcome to my #Ummah a family we will always be,
Welcome to my Ummah you a receiving warmest welcomes from me,
Welcome to my Ummah we are happy that you are part of our family,
Welcome to our Ummah this is a religion that will set you free,
Welcome to our Ummah we will offer you love and invite you over for tea,
Welcome to our Ummah our body spreads wider than the sea,
Welcome to our Ummah you will never be alone or long for company,
Welcome to our Ummah here is where we long for you to be,

اهلا بكم في أمّتي حيث سنكون عائلة دوما”
اهلا بكم في أمّتي حيث تنالون احرّ التهاني مني
اهلا بكم في أمّتي و نحن سعداء لأنكم جزء من عائلتنا
اهلا بكم في أمّتنا حيث الدين الذي سيحرركم
اهلا بكم في أمّتنا حيث سنعطيكم الحب و سندعوكم لإحتساء الشاي
اهلا بكم في أمّتنا حيث سيمتدّ جسدنا اكثر من البحر
اهلا بكم في أمّتنا حيث لن تكونوا وحدكم ابدا” و لن تفتقدوا الصحبة
اهلا بكم في أمّتنا حيث سنتوق لصحبتكم معنا
#Islam #Muslim

A dua is my only wish


A dua is my only wish,
A dua, make a prayer for me on the top of your list,
Before you sleep tonight think of me,
And ask God to make me problem free,
Maybe you don’t know me very well,
But I will think you are quite swell,
If you say a dua for me,
It will only take a minute don’t you see,
They say do unto your brother as you would want done to you,
So wouldn’t you like a dua in your favor too,
So before you lay your head to bed,
Think of me instead,
And ask God that He solves the problems that I endure,
And with this one act of love from you I hope that God blesses you and rewards you more,
#Allah #Islam