#Ahamdulillah,we should say it all the time,
Ahamdulillah no matter what is going on on the outside,
Ahamdulillah, we should be happy no matter what because we have Allah by our side,
Ahamdulillah an expression that never wears out even when used time after time,
Ahamdulillah, thankful I am for there is always someone less fortunate than me,
Ahamdulillah, gratitude is what sets one’s soul free,
Ahamdulillah, say it after everything you recieve,
Ahamdulillah, thank God I have #Allah by my side and He will never leave.
#Muslim #Islam #poetry #poem

#الحمدلله،يجب ان نقولها دائما
الحمدلله مهما كان يحصل معنا في الخارج
الحمدلله،يجب ان نكون فرحين مهما حصل لأن الله بجانبنا دائما
الحمدلله عبارة لا تزول ابدا حتى عندما نستعملها مرة تلو المرة
الحمدلله انا دائما شاكرة لانه يوجد دائما من هو اقلّ حظا مني
الحمدلله..فالشكر هو ما يحرر ارواحنا
الحمدلله،قلها بعد كل شيء تُعطاه
الحمدلله،الشكر #لله ان الله بجانبي و لن يتركني ابدا

Give me your hand

Give me your hand,
I will open mine,
Give me a good cause,
I will give you my time,
My deeds I do not want you to repay,
God will give me my thank you one day,
Let me help when you fall,
Because we all once had to crawl.
Let me stand by your side when you feel alone,
Don’t feel that if you are not perfect that will set the tone,
For I see the beauties beyond your flaws,
And I will be your strength through it all,
#friendship #love #relationships #strength #standbyme

Bombs, bombs please let me be


قنابل،قنابل هي كلّ ما ارى
قنابل تنفجر بقربي و بقربك
لماذا لا تدعيننا و شأننا ايتها القنابل
اريد التحرر من هذا الطغيان
القنبلة هي الحل الوحيد الذي يراه المقاتلون
لكنها تخلق لي مشكلة
فأرجوكِ ايتها القنابل اذهبي بعيدا و دعيني و شأني
اريد ان اعود الى تلك الايام حين عشت بسلام

Bombs, bombs is all I see,
Bombs dropping near you and me,
Bombs why don’t you go away and let us be,
Of this tyranny I want to be free,
A bomb is the only solution the fighters can see,
But it just creates a problem for me,
So bombs please go away and let me be,
I want to go back to the days where I lived peacefully.

Don’t use me


If I were to waste time with you what would you do?
Throw my love away like an old shoe,
Would you use me till you get your fill,
Then throw me away at your will,
You probably wouldn’t see the beauty in my ways,
And grow tired of me in a few days,
So why should I go through this ordeal,
When it would never be something real,
So don’t come knocking at my door,
Because I am looking for so much more,
More than just a few days of fun,
So that you can brag that there is another “prize” that you have won,
Walk away don’t bother me,
Because from these useless endeavors I want to be free,

How can you agrue with a cult?

How do you agrue with a #cult? Guess you can’t.. Because no matter what you say. You won’t convince them. I have been going to Bible Studies at #InternationalChristianChurch. They are really a cult. They excommunicate people who sin and don’t repent. They warn the members and if the members do not repent then they are asked to leave to church and all members are told to ignore them. They also believe that they cannot yoke with or date or marry non members of the church.. that includes other Christians.
I told the church tonight it is wrong for them to believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong.To be at odds with the rest of the Christian community is ridiculous. And that only God can judge. And that what I always knew when I was a  Christian was that grace is something the chuch always gives like God till the day we die. The doors of the church are always open for everyone. No matter how much someone sins they can always walk into a church and be welcomed with open arms.. that’s the whole concept of Christanity.. love and forgiveness. And they are going against that by judging people and having them kicked out their congegrations.

If I gained the world but lost my soul


If I gained the world but lost my soul,
My life would be be so out of of control,
Maybe wordly treasures I would have much,
But without You Lord I would be so out of touch,
I would be like a sailor lost at sea,
A prisoner stuck in a prison waiting to be set free,
For only God can truly be my true treasure,
And His #guidance is a reward I cannot measure,
So free me from this bond,
And led me to the One who I am so fond,

Domestic Violence Through The Eyes Of An 11 Year Old


Domestic violence through the eyes of an 11 year old who lives with the abuser :
“Daddy hits you mommy because you make him mad. He doesn’t mean to hit you. You just cause trouble mommy. He doesn’t hit “Aunty” (the babysitter). She doesn’t cause trouble. You caused trouble. He punchs me. But he doesn’t mean to. I make him mad sometimes. He has to teach me a lesson. “