A warning about Islamic bathing suits


I bought an Islamic bathing suit from Eastern Essence and had kind of an embarrassing experience with it. I emailed the company and reported what happened. Here is the story and a warning to sisters about Islamic #swimwear

“I recently ordered a swimsuit from Eastern Essence. I wore it in the pool. I didn’t realize until I got into the pool that the top totally clung to my chest and that basically when I got out of the pool I looked like I was in a wet T-shirt contest. These swimwear tops have no linings like regular swimwear so they DO NOT cover a women’s breasts at all. So when I wore it it showed EVERYTHING. I was quite embarrassed. I will now have to purchase a sports bra to wear underneath the swimwear. I wish I had realized that before getting in the pool.Please put a note about this on your website so future customers will be warned and spared the embarrassment.
Andrea Karshan”

#bathingsuit #Muslim

Sometimes when people see their words in print they realize just how harsh they are


If you ever have taken English in college before you have heard from your professor that when you look at a hardcopy of your words it makes a difference in how you view your paper. So basically you should print and reread your words before turning in an essay.
Well, I often blog quotes from my life. I make sure to keep the sources anonymous. Sometimes the sources end up reading it. Sometimes people get upset. Sometimes they don’t. But what I find fascinating is I don’t think it really hits people what they have said until they are staring at it (sometimes in bold print) and it’s infront of them rather than in a conversation.
So maybe if we all wrote our words on paper and read them to ourselves before saying them we would #communicate better. Who knows. #relationships

Online dating blunders


So that we can ALL laugh at my misfortune I am going to share my #onlinedating blunders for this evening. First there is “Ali” from the convenience store.. You can all see my new policy on “Arabs from convenience stores”
Next is “Richard” he is a Dermatologist so he claims from Canada with a low income. After telling me he wanted marriage and children I told him I wasn’t interested (I don’t want children). He then told me he could be my man if.. I took care of him. Curiosity killing me I had to ask what do you mean take care of you?

Is shooting someone REALLY less barbaric than beheading them?


#Yemen #Alqaeda Is shooting someone REALLY less barbaric than beheading them? I find it ironic that Al Qaeda who just executed two hostages would call beheadings barbaric.
Now, I know us in the West hate images of people having their heads sliced off but think about this. That is an instant death. A death from shooting may lead to agonizing pain and a lingering death. So as “barbaric” as it may sound or look to us in actuality it might be more merciful for the victim to die instantly then be shot and die maybe moments or hours laters after suffering.


A Glimpse of Hellfire


This is always something that turned me off about #Islam.. the #Hellfire talks..
Which takes me to a story of when I first became #Muslim
When I first became Muslim I had converted in an Afghan-Pakistani Mosque in Queens. Their teachings were a little strict probably for some but I liked it because it was pure Quran and Sunnah and it was Hanafi which was what the family I married into was.
Anyways thing this mosque did was constantly remind us that if we did ANYTHING wrong we got a taste of Hellfire. And we learned every different punishment for every different bad deed. And yes the Hadiths do say in DETAIL how one will be tortured and burned for doing different things. And we heard these things again and again.. hours on end. Besides the fact we heard lectures on punishment of the grave which is enough to give anyone nightmares.
Probably the most disturbing part of it all was it wasn’t just women who were listening to this preaching but actually mostly small children. It was a children’s class that only a few women sat in on.
Not until YEARS later did I hear about the mercy of Allah from others.

Why I left Islam


Someone asked me actually a lot of people have asked me publicly and privately why I left #Islam? So I am now going to write about it to answer everyone’s questions.
I left Islam for several reasons:
1.I knew I wasn’t happy and I knew something needed to change.
2.I knew that according to Islam I had to be in the Muslim community and marry a Muslim. My experience with this in the past had been very disappointing. I wanted a different community and perhaps a different kind of partner.
3.I knew I could no longer support or believe in all the teaching of Islam such as polygamy. Polygamy disgusts me.
4.I knew personally myself I wasn’t living up to my expectations of myself as a Muslim. I had stopped praying, etc.
5.I met many hypocrites in the Muslim community and saw much hypocrisy in the Muslim world and really wanted to no longer be part of it.
6. I was tired of hateful, racist, judgemental, clicky Muslims who always seemed to either leave me out or make me feel horrible in their presence. I was tired of feeling bad.
7.I was tired of abusive men, polygamous men.. men seeking green cards. And I could go on and on about that.

I needed a change. And the change ended up being really good for me. I still have a lot of the same beliefs, still eat mostly Halal food, dress modestly though I don’t cover my hair. I still believe in God. I still write about Islam and the Middle East. I really haven’t changed much. I just haven’t blocked myself into this strict mindset that I only have to do this or that or be around this person or that person or marry that person or this person. I am happier and a lot less stressed.
Many people say aren’t you worried about your Afterlife? Honestly no, because I refuse to spend my whole life miserable to wait till I am dead to have a good time. I spent 12 years MISERABLE as a Muslim. In that time period I lost everything from my health to my money to my kids. Time for me to get my life back. #Muslim

A funny but DISGUSTING story that will make you think twice about pork


We have a maintenance man in our building. I have had a few conversations with him. One of them I blogged about. It was when he described how much he liked pork to me while we were sitting together one day. I thought of him as a giant pork chop after that. And often he tells me he enjoys sausage, bacon and ham.

Now let’s get to my story.

Tonight I was taking out my garbage. I am on my period and it was a trash bag with dirty tampons and pads in it. I went down the hallway to throw it out and there he was. He was colllecting garbage. He held out the large trash bag for my garbage. I went to go put it inside. He said, “Hmmmm… smells good.. like you have been cooking.” Shocked.. I really didn’t know what to say. I told him I had cooked chicken, potatoes and peas that night. He said, “Really?” I said, “Yes.” I walked away remembering his love for pork and thinking if he thinks that smells like cooking is that because that’s what his food smells like?
#pork #harammeat