Could you lie about your love?


About my #love I cannot lie,
I can’t stop loving him even if I try,
As days go by,
And the time flys,
I want to cry,
As I see him go by,
Together but alone,
I sit and wait by the phone,
When he is near,
I see everything I hold dear,
When he is gone,
I can only sit and listen to a sad song,
Emptiness fills me,
As I wish to break free,
But my love I cannot deny,
Even if I wanted to try,

But they are people of God


As I walk down my street I see the Orthodox #Jewish kids smoking on the sides of the streets hanging out at all hours of the night. They dress in “Western clothes”  and someone once told me “everyone does drugs here.”
As I stood in the store I heard the #Muslim man flirting with the young Spanish girl that walked in. “Do you want it from my house?” he says. She smiles and giggles.
I sigh and think to myself something that I often hear others say, “but they are people of God.”
Some people when they see Jews and Muslims still expect certain behaviors but we often see just the opposite. And it leaves the non religious and the religious both walking away confused and saying, “Did I really see that?”
But I suppose here in the West everything goes and the “#religious” just figure people “back home” won’t find out so who cares. Like a Muslim man once said to me, “In the mosque I am Muslim, in America I am free.” 

It’s about being lost not guided


It has nothing to do with Islam really. They just happen to be “Muslim”. When someone feels they have no future they do things that lead to no future. Basically it’s the principle of it’s all about your attitude.
When young men who are unemployed, frustrated and rebellious get together and say to themselves I want to get control back because I have none, I want to rule the world you get groups like #ISIS. Led by elders who know how stupid, lost and desperate these youths are. These older leaders connive to make these youth do anything they desire. And the youth.. what do they care. They have no future and no hope so blowing themselves up “for a good cause” sounds good to them. It sounds ridiculous but think about the present frustration of today’s youth. If you have ever been around teenagers you can see the boiling point some of them are at and often this goes to adulthood. It’s no wonder they get caught up into crazy movements.
My belief is if we had someone as conniving as Hitler today we would have young adults following him just like they follow Al Qaeda.
Young adults get into drugs, gangs and everything else. This is just another thing on the list. It’s not about religion guiding them it’s about them being lost.

Putting promiscuity under the veil of marriage


Ok so this #Muslim guy says, “You think of every relationship like yours. He cheated on you.” I stood there and thought to myself so is what this guy doing any better because he is putting it under the veil of Islam and marrying and divorcing and marrying and divorcing. Same #promiscuous behavior as my ex except he’s got a bunch of women playing along with it and he is justifying it to himself.
Personally I think they are both dogs. Just a different means to get to the same end. Aren’t we being judged by our intentions? So Allah knows what is inside all these men and why they do what they do. So all this I am a good #Muslim, this is allowed and it is Sunnah may convince some but when we think about it what does Allah think of these men having so many partners? Isn’t modesty and chasity valued in Islam? So if a Muslim man can call himself a Muslim but say as a Muslim he lays down with all these women what does it say about him as a Muslim?
At one point the man tried to tell me Muhammed (SAW) had 11 wives (actually he had 13). But we must remember why he married those women. It wasn’t because he wanted sex or variety.

Does the way we as Muslims do Dawah make a difference?

In Islam we are told that “Allah guides who he wills” BUT doesn’t our Dawah and how we do it make a difference? I think so.
Just like humans are emotional they are also logical. If one cannot make someone feel good about something and also make it sound logical to a person they won’t believe it. Whether they are “enlightened”  or not.
Now I am not encouraging agruing or debating matters with people because at that point you can see they just aren’t ready to be guided by you or Allah. But discussion is good, even if it just means sharing information.
I walked up to an athetist yesterday while I was handing out Islamic material at a festival and she attacked me verbally with  sacrasm. So I patiently answered her questions. I found sharing what we had in common instead of our differences really helped. And I used analogies to help her picture things in her mind. By the end of the conversation she walked away with a pamphlet and she had even introduced me to her husband and left with a smile.
This was an example of a successful Dawah attempt. Maybe she will or will not become Muslim one day but maybe Inshallah she will be tolerate of the next Muslim she meets and she understands a little more.
But I find often Muslims boggle people down with speechs and too much information. I was watched some brothers giving Dawah yesterday and they sounded like they were giving a college lecture on the “oneness of God”. I thought to myself are those people really going to remember all that information and does it emotionally move them at all.
I find the greatest tool to “evangelism”  is personal stories. When people see how Allah has changed your life then they begin to think and they remember that conversation. They might even mention the conversation to someone else and it might start another conversation on Islam. The point is to get the conversation going. Because one thing I have learned as a Muslim is the more knowledge you learn and the more “conversations”  you have on Islam the more it attracts you. That’s why I believe after 911 so many converted because it started the conversation. And now Ahamdulillah the conversation hasn’t stopped.
So as a Muslim even if you don’t think you are the “best Muslim” or have the most knowledge think of examples of how Allah has affected you or how the Prophet’s actions have changed your life. And share that.

#polygamy “I can’t accept that.”


See how a conversation on #polygamy turns a non Muslim away from #Islam.

I had given him a book on Muhammed (SAW) earlier in the evening.
We were sitting on a bench talking.
“He had another wife, “I said.
” I don’t understand. What do you mean? ” He asked.
” Muslim men are allowed to have four wives. “
” Four wives!!! I want to be that religion… Only kidding.. You see that’s why I don’t accept any religion. Bad in every religion. I can’t accept that. “
” Well, it’s allowed but it doesn’t have to be practiced. “
” But imagine a woman how she feels her husband just sexed another woman and then he is sexing her. How could he do that? “
” I agree. And even worse in my situation for an example he would tell me things like “you make me not want any other woman” and “you are the most beautiful woman to me”  and I was just thinking to myself what BS. Because I knew he was probably going to her and telling her the same thing. Anyways if he only wants  me why does he want her. His words were hollow. “
” Total BS. “
” Totally. “
” If you are with a woman another woman is like Ugh, “he cringed.
” Yes true this is love. “
” One woman one man is the way it should be. “
” And imagine 4 women.. and you have to treat them all equally.. same time, same house car, etc. “
He laughed,” Too much for me. One day for her one day for her, ” he was shaking his head,” Oh my God. I can’t accept this in a religion. I will read your book but I can’t accept this. “
” Remember it’s not something men are required to do or even recommended to do. It was actually created for women, to help women in a different time and many people abuse it now. “
He was laughing,” Crazy. “

If women are a commodity what does that make men?


Wouldn’t the #Muslim world be outraged if Muslim women started dumping their older, big gutted, hard working but poor husbands for young, slim and rich men. Or even worse if these same women told their husbands “No one else will marry you. You can stay or go I will still be with this person.” Who cares about the kids or the in-laws or the husbands for that matter. Because women are weak and have needs and what can we say these old men have basically “expired”.
Sounds ridiculous.. right.
Well, that’s what some Muslim men do to Muslim women everyday all over the world. Something to think about.